How We Age

How Vivix slows aging at the cellular level.

Aging is a natural process that starts with our cells. When they’re healthy, they function properly. Unfortunately, for many Americans, supporting optimal cell function is easier said than done. Stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins—factors that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis—can significantly affect cell performance over time. They can alter our genetic database and cause oxidative damage; as a result, our bodies can become more vulnerable to developing age-related conditions.

A study estimates that Americans consume, on average, three hamburgers and four orders of French fries each week. Studies show foods high in fat increase biological stress response markers — which, over time, can contribute to cellular aging.

As we age, the number and function of mitochondria, also known as “cellular power plants,” decline, which can lead to reduced cellular energy production.

To understand the real anti-aging, youth promoting power of Vivix™, it helps to first understand how we age.

There are four key mechanisms of cellular aging:

1. Damage to your DNA

2. Declining Genetic Regulators

3. Mitochondrial Biogenesis

4. Accumulation of AGE proteins

How to protect your DNA

If you could protect yourself from all damage to our DNA, your chances of living past 100 would be dramatically improved.

Your genetic code (DNA) is housed in every cell in your body. It is unique to you. Unfortunately, you get more than a million free radical hits on your DNA every single day. Some of these hits come from external sources like the air we breathe. Some of them are caused by cell death inside your body.

The truth is, these damaging attacks can lead to “typos” in your genetic code — leading to cell death which leads to disease.

The good news is that Mother Nature has built into every cell in your body, a repair mechanism to combat these attacks. This repair mechanism works great when we’re young … but as we age, they get weaker and weaker. As they become less efficient—premature cell death takes place prematurely.

Research shows that resveratrol and other ingredients found in Vivix actually ‘shield,’ your DNA in a way never before thought possible. The result is that your cells get stronger and live longer. That means you literally age at a slower pace than you would if you didn’t have this protection.

As we age our genes become less efficient at repairing and preserving our cells.

We have genetic regulators in every one of our cells. Their job is to determine the balance between the damage that takes place in our body and how efficiently it gets repaired.

Vivix Benefit
Researchers had believed there was no way for us to activate these genetic regulators at will. But new research tells us the ingredients in Vivix actually play a key role in the genetic repair process. They seek out these genes and switch them on.

Energy is life!

Without enough energy, you lose strength and endurance. You can feel it in your bones. Fatigue, lethargy, and even depression can have a negative effect on how you live your life.

The energy from mitochondria courses through every cell in your body, enabling your muscles to contract, your heart to pump and your brain cells to fire.

Sadly, as you age, your mitochondria begins to shrink, dim, and dye off. Dying mitochondria creates another problem. Like run down factories—they spew out smoke—causing your cells to grow sick and die even faster than they should.

All of this robs you of the energy you enjoyed when you were a kid.

The scientific term for the your body’s ability to produce new mitochondria is called mitochondrial biogenesis. Harvard scientist, Dr. David Sinclair, believed this miracle of nature is why the mice used in his ground breaking research on aging were able to double their endurance, avoid disease, live longer.

Sinclair says…

“That’s where it gets interesting. If you give resveratrol to a normal mouse, it can run twice as far because it has many more mitochondria.”

The great advantage of having lots of efficient mitochondria, is that you have far less oxidative stress, fewer DNA attacks, less build up of AGE proteins (see below) and more youthful physical and mental energy.

Vivix benefit: The ingredients in Vivix play a key role in re-populating your cells with lots of the healthy new mitochondria. When our customers start taking Vivix, the feedback we get most often is… “more energy.”

Only Vivix blocks AGE proteins

A.G.E. stands for Accumlated Glycosylated End products. These AGE Proteins are like a “sludge” that builds up inside your cell. This sludge significantly accelerates aging and disease. Scientists believe AGE protein build-up is a MAJOR aging mechanism.

The formation of these AGE proteins has been shown to be excessive in people with Alzheimer’s as well as in diabetics who are developing complications.

Vivix Benefit
The polyphenols in Vivix™ have been proven to be 10X more powerful at blocking the formation of AGE proteins than resveratrol alone. In fact, Shaklee studies found that the Supergrape extract completely blocked the formation of AGE proteins!

The key ingredients in Vivix have been shown to positively impact all four key mechanisms of cellular aging. No other product on the market that we’re aware of can make this claim.