The Vivix Difference

Let’s start by telling you what Vivix is not. Vivix is not a mere “juice.”

The health and wellness market is being flooded with antioxidant juices based on traditional folk medicine and ancient lore. And while Vivix is a liquid dietary supplement, to call it a juice or a beverage would miss the mark.

Vivix is based on cutting edge science, and it provides unique health and anti-aging benefits that can never be achieved by any antioxidant juice, regardless of it’s ORAC rating.

Vivix is the world’s leading gene-activated anti-aging supplement. Developed by scientist from America’s #1 natural nutrition company. The formula is based on the research of Harvard Scientist, Dr. David Sinclair.

Shaklee science invested 3 years and more than a million dollars to create the unique supplement. We have filed for multiple patents to protect this extraordinary innovation.

We start with 12 unique varieties of the muscadine grape to create a one-of-a-kind proprietary blend. We do this by using our patent-pending Cold-filling Extraction Process. The result is the first ever pure liquid extract of the skins and seeds of the muscadine grape.

All-Natural, Stable Liquid Suspension preservatives.

Every serving of Vivix™ delivers 100 milligrams of ultra-pure Trans-resveratrol — the form of resveratrol that is most easily absorbed by the human body — and 1,200 milligrams of highly concentrated extract of muscadine skins and seeds.

Just one teaspoon of Vivix gives you and the equivalent health benefits of the resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine. Thirty days of Vivix gives you the equivalent health benefit of 3,000 glasses of red wine… without the alcohol.

And to make sure we always start with the very finest muscadine grapes, Shaklee has contracted for the entire output of the largest and best growers or years to come.

Vivix is ALL natural with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

Seven reasons why Vivix is the leading anti-aging liquid dietary supplement.

Our patent-pending extraction process isolates and preserves bioactive polyphenols of rare muscadine grapes in a way no other process can. This unique process was created by Shaklee in collaboration with the scientists from the University of Georgia.

The Vivix polyphenol blend has been shown to be 10x more effective than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of cellular aging.

With Vivix, you get a broad spectrum of 15 powerful and beneficial polypenols in every teaspoon.

A clinical study from The Journal of Endrocrinology and Metabolism shows that key ingredients in Vivix blocked a key marker of biological stress response (inflammation) after the consumption of a high-fat fast food breakfast totaling 930 calories.

A laboratory study at a leading university showed that key ingredients in Vivix significantly increased the number of mitochondria in the cell … mitochondria is directly related to energy energy levels.

In laboratory studies, Vivix® key ingredients were shown to protect and repair cellular DNA. This is critical because your cells are assaulted millions of times every day and can damage your DNA, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.

Key ingredients shown in laboratory studies to inhibit the formation of AGE proteins, which may result in cellular damage.

The Vivix formula is all-natural. There are no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or added preservatives.

Some supplements boost energy. Others claim to be rich in antioxidants. But only Vivix® positively impacts four key mechanisms at the cellular level that determine how fast and how well you age.

With every sip of Vivix, you’ll be switching on your anti-aging genes with the most potent age-defying ingredients ever combined. A teaspoon of Vivix every day gives your cells the power to fight back against the most dreaded diseases of aging.

Very quickly, healthy new cells will begin to replace tired, worn out cells that have been struggling against poor lifestyle and bad food choices. With newly energized cells, you’ll discover new and lasting energy, endurance, heart strength, mental acuity, and vitality.

Why saturating the trillions of cells in your body with Vivix could make a difference in how good you feel and how long you live.

• Helps increase energy and reduce fatigue*
• Helps increase metabolism*
• Helps maintain healthy cardiovascular system*
• Helps reduce the risk of blood clots*
• May help prevent heart problems and strokes*
• Helps the body maintain a healthy immune system*
• A powerful antioxidant that helps fight harmful free radicals*
• Helps promote longevity*
• Is reported to aid in losing weight*
• Helps reduce inflammation*
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*
• Helps promote healthy blood sugar levels*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.